The Tablet "OG Snuff" board

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The tablet, is a brand new product designed for one reason, to be able to have two of you favorite products or manufacturers on one surface.

Ideal for 2-3 people

The product has 8 preset line indentations, 4 in the top right and 4 in the bottom left, as well as 6 circle indents, 3 top and 3 bottom, so you can choose exactly how you want it, with what you want! 

The unit sits on 4 3M rubber feet to prevent it sliding around on any surface.

All of our products made from high quality acrylic, either Perspex®, Irpen®, Acrycril® and many more. We really have tried to find the best material and shape it into these fun products

UV products require a UV black light to work at there best

They are then sealed in airtight packaging to keep them sanitary

Original product created by us, made for you. 

Weight 160g

150mm x 200mm x 7mm including feet 

2-3 people 

Cards sold seperately

The Tablet "OG Snuff" board