Two's Up Snuff Card

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Whilst we have in the past pinched it out of a box and put it around your thumb in 2 small piles, or just gone from box to nose, this can be messy, and wasteful. We design this to scoop straight out the box or carrier, and then go straight to the nose cutting out the middle man.

It saves waste, or covering your hand in snuff. or cocao

It works really well, easy to clean

Hole for a lanyard, and it also fits in your wallet

Sealed in airtight packaging to keep them sanitary

A good selection of colours


Material: All of our products made from high quality acrylic, either Perspex®, Irpen®, Acrycril® and many more. We really have tried to find the best material and shape it into these fun products.

Length 8.4cm, Width 5.3 cm Depth 3mm 

Weight 15g

Two's Up Snuff Card