"OG Snuff" Picnic Pendant (NEW Product!!)


Picnic Pendant

We bring you the Picnic Pendant, a Brand new product to be welcomed by the OG Snuff family! The perfect tool for any outing

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!

The pendant is a zinc alloy spoon, hand crafted from a solid billet of material only found in the most dangerous places, electroplated finish in three welcoming colours (Matte Black, Silver and Gold). A Perfectly weighted feel, confirms what a quality piece this is, a smooth circular spoon at one end for the finest of scoops, excellent for those moments when you need to stir in a little pick me up of sugar. If you weren't persuaded already, the pendant features a well placed bottle opener on the rear side too, for when you need quench that thirst for a nice bottle of coke.

Both the silver and gold pendants come with a free chain to wear around you neck

Easy to clean and keep sanitary, as the are no rough or sharp edges for dirt to cling too, or be absorbed by

Each Pendant come in a luxurious presentation box


Weight: 66g (including chain and keyring)

Length: 60mm

"OG Snuff" Picnic Pendant (NEW Product!!)

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