OG Snuff Products Ltd 
A company born for the new wave of sniffing, although the method of sniffing has been around for hundreds of years, dating back to the 15th century.
Our products bring a modern, unique and fun twist, as well as having the very real benefit of being a hygienically clean personal surface, individual to you.
All of our acrylic products are made in house on our precision laser cutter, ensuring a quality finish every time.
Every item is cut from a solid piece of acrylic, meaning there are no joins, moving parts or sharp edges.
We take pride in all of our products, and none of out items get the OG Snuff seal of approval without meeting our rigorous standards.
All of our products are sealed in airtight packaging to keep them sanitary and are shipped in a discreet unbranded carboard box 
We except returns if you aren't happy, but only if the products are still sealed in their original packaging
We are always active on either Facebook, Instagram or our website so give us a shout if you need anything.

OG Snuff
For A Cleaner Sniff