"OG Snuff" Rolling Bench (NEW Product!!) £4.99
Park Bench We've been working on this one for a little while, we're pretty confident this is as good you can get, when its comes to personal holders It Do be good! The bench is made up of two pieces, when placed flat together fit nicely in your pocket, bag or even worn around your neck with the OG Snuff lanyard provided. So it's perfect to use out and about. They are kept tightly in place with a band so items can be stored between the two pieces. When the two halves of the bench are slotted together, the magic happens and the bench is reveled. It becomes a sturdy surface for whatever you wish to place on it. Trimmed down slots on the top side allow for easier access when removing items, and a slightly protruding corner is perfect for tapping down and compacting (pokey bit). Items can also be placed against the direction of the bench so that either end of your chosen item aren't enclosed with in the frame of the bench. The under side of the bench has been ergonomically designed so it can comfortably sit on the arm of a sofa or in your lap while seated, as well as being perfectly stable on a flat surface. Every Bench comes with a band to keep the two half ridged when they are lead flat or standing, also included is our OG Snuff branded lanyard to carry the bench Easy to clean and keep sanitary, as the are no rough or sharp edges for dirt to cling too, or be absorbed by. Available in many colours, so we are sure we will have the right one for you! (try our UV products under a black light and watch them glow) Sealed in airtight wrapping to keep sanitary, and sent to your door in discreet unbranded packaging Original product created by us, for you. Product specification: All of our acrylic products are made by us in house, on precision laser cutters. All cut from high quality acrylic, either Perspex®, Irpen®, Acrycril® We only use the best materials and shape them into these fun products. As the products are laser cut from a single piece or acrylic there are no sharp edges or moving parts Weight: 42.0g  (Length 110mm x Width 50mm (At wides point) Thickness: 3mm) X2
OG Snuff Lanyard - OG Snuff OG Snuff Lanyard - OG Snuff
"OG Snuff" Lanyard £1.99
Lanyard The first batch of OG Snuff lanyards to role off the press! High quality, simple design, its the perfect accessory to hang your keys or cards from! Simple metal clasp attached to thick quality black polyester, with our logo in bright white and an incorporated safety release catch Product specification: Weight 15g  length 86.5cm(un-clipped) x width of 2cm